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Scientific posters are an increasingly popular form of professional communications. Poster sessions provide a unique, face-to-face opportunity for researchers to engage their peers, get needed feedback, prompt new ideas, and meet potential collaborators.

Posters are everywhere at professional association and society meetings across the country, and yet most scientists and academics struggle to put something useful up on the wall. Then they spend poster sessions standing around hoping somebody, anybody, will come by and talk with them about their work.

So who to call? Backed by a team of communications experts who have worked with academic leaders during the last two decades, PosterBuzz is here to help. It is a unique resource for graduate and doctoral students, early career scientists, and even seasoned researchers looking to improve how they communicate about their research. PosterBuzz will help you create dynamic posters that ensure your research—and your ideas—stand out in a crowd.


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Have a few minutes? Take our short course on better posters. You’ll learn how designing effective scientific posters is not, well, rocket science.
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Looking for a way to train your fellows or colleagues? Want feedback and support on an individual poster? PosterBuzz’s consultants can help.