Learn How to Build a Better Poster

If you’re visiting PosterBuzz, you may have struggled to put together a poster that truly conveys your work, looks interesting, and doesn’t take months to create. You understand how challenging this can be. It also means you are way ahead of most of your peers. Look around at any poster session, and you will see scores of confusing, badly designed posters. Most people don’t even realize the opportunities they are missing to engage people who may be critical to their science and their career.

Here, we present PosterBuzz’s short course on better posters. There are four main steps you need to take to create a dynamic poster and yield a successful poster session:

(1) Be Strategic
(2) Hone Your Message
(3) Design with Your Message In Mind
(4) Prepare Your Poster Talk

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be on your way to creating a poster that communicates your research in a visually interesting format, generates enthusiasm about your work, and helps you build the communications skills you need to make a difference in the wider world.